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What is Supply Chain Management? Definition and Introduction | AIMS UK

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Its definition and brief introduction. A supply chain is a global network, used to deliver products and services, from raw materials to end customers through an engineered flow of information, physical distribution, and cash.

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Supply Chain 4.0 | Digital Supply Chain- A Future Vision | Supply Chain Transformation

"Supply Chain 4.0 – the application of the Internet of Things, the use of advanced robotics, and the application of advanced analytics of big data in supply chain management: place sensors in everything, create networks everywhere, automate anything, and analyse everything to significantly improve performance and customer satisfaction“ – Mc Kinsey

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In this video , We also look at:
- What is Supply Chain 4.0 \u0026 Digital Supply Chain
- Digital Supply Chain: Vision of the future state
- 5 Transformational Benefits
- Digital wastes

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